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Manufacture of Aircraft Flight Control Cables

Only Aviation Certified cable and end fittings are used, from reliable USA manufacturers, and all cable and fittings have certificates of conformity to spec., and material composition. All completed cables are 100% proof tested to 60% of the breaking strain of the cable used.

A comprehensive library of cable technical data is held, including aircraft manufacturer's cable manufacturing drawings, enabling us to use the manufacturer's Part Number, followed by a "MAS". Cables may also be manufactured to sample, and if appropriate, issued with a "NAS" Part Number, or if all else fails, a "MAS" Part Number. With the "NAS" or "MAS" Part Number system, the manufacturer's part number is cross referred if available.

The cables are manufactured from my home  at Ardmore,  our retail prices are kept to a minimum, and are very competitive with alternate supply.  A 10% discount is available for legitimate workshops, repair stations, and part brokers, and for initial home builders an even better discount can apply.
Our Workshop, which has now been relocated to Ardmore Airfield, is set up specifically for the manufacture of cables.
Any cable from 1/16" to 3/16" diameter is catered for, with a full range of end fittings covering this cable range.  Larger cables than 3/16" can also be provided, but the range of fittings is reduced.

The manufacturer's Part Number. (For all Cessna, and most Piper and other GA manufacturer's) -  Or
  1. Cable(s) size and construction. (7x7 or 7x19 & Carbon or Stainless Steel) Length of cable(s). Attach hole to attach hole, or end of thread.  Type of end fittings required, swaged or Nicopress, Threaded ends,  Fork ends,  Eye ends, Chain terminals, etc.   -  Or 
  2. Send sample cable(s).   -  Or 
  3. Send a copy of the Manufacturer's drawings

Our terms of business require payment by 20th month following receipt of your cable, for regular customers, who have an account with me, and all cables are despatched with the invoice enclosed.  New customers may have to make prior payment arrangements.  A personal or Company cheque is acceptable.


Please contact us if you have any questions or I can assist you in any way.

Please feel free to have a look at the Claude Payne Memorial Library

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